Had 4 wives, still unhappy, killed self


A man from Andhra who has had 4 wives killed himself along with his mother by hanging near Thorapalli.

A old woman along with a young man was found hanging near Thorapalli village, on the way to Rajaji Illam.

People who have noticed this informed HUDCO police.  Police Inspector Thangavel recovered the dead bodies and started his investigation.

Investigation revealed that both belonged to Chitoor district of Andhra and they are 65 year old Punchamma and 42 year od Chinna, her son.

Chinna was working as auto driver in Tirupathi.  He has married three women in Andhra and have abandoned them to marry Padma of Rayakottai.

Padma is already married and has 4 children through her previous marriages.

After few months of marriage, Padma and Chinna had domestic quarrels and Chinna went back to Tirupathi to start living with his previous wives.  As debt increased, he sold out his auto to settle all of his debt, but not able to settle the same in whole.  He was back to Hosur in search of Padma and wanted to live again with her, for which Padma has refused.

At this stage, both Punchamma and Chinna were said to be upset as they do not have any money with them to buy food or have any shelter to live.

This has forced them to hang self.  Chinna, in a death note found in his shirt pocket has declared that he was not able to lead a happy life with four women and hence taking up the extreme step!