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Our Motto

" Ride on your own strength; Not on competitors' weakness"

About HosurOnline.Com

Started in the year 2002, as a web portal company, HosurOnline positioned itself as a leading web hosting and IT Enabled Service Provider.

Now, HosurOnline has classified its business into four main categories as:

1.  Web Portal – Owning and managing HosurOnline.com
2.  Web Hosting company with own data centre
3.  PLC / Embedded systems – Electro Mechanical Engineering
4.  Tours and Travels – being a agent for a leading tour package provider

Presently we support around 250 customers by providing them web hosting, domain name registration and email services.

HosurOnline was created to deliver quality content useful for all groups of people, both general public and for people in commerce and businesses living worldwide.

HosurOnline offers a broad and varied range of Internet products, services and solutions to all walks of people in this world.

As a first step to move forward in achieving the set goal, HosurOnline’s founder Soosai Prakash A developed an approach, where a product or service marketed by HosurOnline will be the best available in this universe, with the motto “Ride on your own strengths; Not on competitor’s weakness”.

Though the business is named as HosurOnline, a name that sounds as if a location specific business only for Hosur Town, we have not only made the website ‘HosurOnline’ with an universal approach along with providing useful contents about Hosur, we have adopted other business categories with universal thought and approach.


Any product or service marketed by HosurOnline shall be the best available and should be a model for others to follow. It should be "word of mouth" through satisfied customers, the services offered by HosurOnline should reach prospective clients.


First time client should be made as a regular customer and the customer shall be contacted only by a qualified representative from HosurOnline. No time wastage can be caused by the representative to the customer. Shall not make customers to do follow up calls for any sort of support request...


"Giving pea nuts will get only monkeys" is the model we take while recruiting people. In a technology added service business, we know that without dedicated, talented and thoughtful people, we cannot be the firm we aspire to be.


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