20 liters of RO water for just Rs 2, only in Hosur!

Water RO Plant system
Water RO Plant system

While 1 liter of bottled RO processed water manufactured by Pepsi or Coke is being sold at Rs 20, Tamil Nadu government is selling the same quality and quantity of water as Amma Kudineer for Rs 10.

Tamil Nadu government planned to install RO plants in Hosur so as to distribute water to Hosurians at a cost of Rs 2 per 20 liters.

Tamil Nadu minister and Hosur MLA Balakrishnan inagurated the RO water distribution facilities in Hosur on Saturday.

About Rs 80 lacs has been spent by the government to install the facilities in 10 places in Hosur.  About 5000 liters of water will be available daily from each facility and each head will be given only 20 liters of water at Rs 2.