yoga Anushka
yoga Anushka
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Anushka, who is now in her 36, is preparing herself for a retired life, for which she is planning her career in hotel industry.

For more than 12 years now, Anushka is busy in Kollywood and also in other cine industries.  She has done several high budget movies in Telugu.

As of now she is having 4 movies in hand and that includes telugu Bagubali Part II and Singam Part IV.

She has almost completed these movies and there is no new opportunity knocking her door.  The reason for no new opportunity is blamed on her age and young actors hesitating to have her as their pair in movies.

Her family is said to be busy searching for an alliance as she is not in love with any one.

She is planning to invest the money that she has earning in chain of hotels that she is proposing to build in Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi.