Another Hosur Kallak Kaathal… another murder…


Hosur Kallak Kaathal related murders has become non stop news, as there is atleast one such news being reported in and around Murasu Naadu @ Hosur.

In the past seven days there were atleast 8 kallak kaathal news and murders related to the same.

The recent one is, 19 year old son, of a 42 year old woman, murdered a 27 year old man with the help of two of his relatives.

On June 1, Vadivelu 27 of Attakurukki village near Soolakiri went missing along with his motor bike, on which his father lodged a police complaint with Soolakiri police.

Police registered a case and were searching for Vadivelu. Further investigation revealed that Vadivelu had illicit relationship with 42 year old Rajamma of Chinnatti village near Kelamankalam.

Knowing about the relationship, villagers and relatives of Rajamma had consistently warned both Rajamma and Vadivelu but their kallak kaathal made them deaf on the advises.

On 3rd June, both Rajamma and Vadivelu were back to Chinnatti village after enjoying their days in Okanekkal from 1st of the month.

Rajamma’s son Uma Shankar (19), noticed her mother comming along with Vadivelu in a motor bike and had altercation with the duo.

Vadivelu managed to escape from the spot but was followed by Uma Shankar and his relative Murali (19).

Both stopped Vadivelu near Thiruchipalli village near Hosur and had quarrel during which Vadivelu was said to be attacked with wooden logs. Uma Shankar alerted his father Appaiyappa on which, he too rushed to the spot in support of his son and Murali.

The three smashed Vadivelu in which he died on the spot. The three took the body of Vadivelu and dumped the same in Then Pennai river and also pushed his motor cycle into the river.

While the dead body was washed away, the motor cycle was recovered from Thenpennai Aaru near Paaththakkottai village near Kaaman Thotti village near Hosur.