Bakery attacked: Vasool vettai in Hosur for Vinayakar Chathurthi

Bakery Attacked
Bakery Attacked

While police officials at Hosur were busy education public to lodge complaint with them, if anyone pressurised to give donation in the name of Vinayakar Chathurthi.

Though there was a request by police on the same, that remained only as a message in social media and there was no complaint or action regarding the day light vasool vettai that happened this year too.

Rowdy elements use this festive season to fill their pockets in the name of Pillaiyar’s pirantha naal.

People from Kerala have invested their hard earned Arab money at Hosur to run furnished bakeries. These bakeries provide hygienic and clean eatables.

Mr. Sajeevan, a native of Kerala, lives near TVS Nagar and has chain of bakeries across Hosur. He has one outlet near Hosur Railway station.

It is said that, he has paid donation that runs to few thousands of rupees, as rowdies use Vinayakar Chathurthi as an opportunity to collect money from business establishments.

Tiered over spending lot of money in the name of donation, Sajeevan decided not to spare more money, though a gang from Mathikiri was threatening him if he is not paying the money that they demand.

The gang, whose identity is well known to police, damaged glass showcases, threw away food items, creating a loss of Rs 4 lacs to Sajeevan.

Sajeevan has lodged a police complaint and police have taken custody of the gang members who damaged the bakery. Further investigation is going on.