Bangalore tailors wife went missing from Hosur


Sakunthala (21) of Thippaalam village near Thorapalli village near Hosur married Aanjappa (29), a tailor, native of Shanthi Nagar in Bengkalooru, four years ago.

The couple have a 2 year old child.

The woman came to father’s house few days ago and on 1st of this month, she took her child and went outside.  After that he whereabouts are not known.

Her father along with Aanjappa searched Sakunthala in all known locations including houses of friends and relatives but all went in vain.

With no hope of finding her on his own, Aanjappa has sought the help of HUDCO kaaval.  Kaaval has registered a case and are searching for the missing woman and her 2 year old child.