Bihar police wrote a judgement after negotiating with a Bihar man and his two wives, which might read bizarre.

A man charged with bigamy has been asked by the police to stay for the first three days of a week with his first wife, while another three days with the second wife.

The seventh day he will have to stay alone. Sounds outlandish, but this is the compromise formula that has been reached between the two ‘warring wives’ Meena and Pooja, both of whom claim to be legally-wedded to Arun Kumar.

Arun runs a nursing home in Patna’s Phulwarisharif area. In an 11-hour high-voltage drama at Phulwarisharif Police Station, the two women authoritatively claimed before the police that Arun was their husband. While the first wife said he married her in 1996 and had grown-up children, the second wife Pooja (of Lakhisarai district) produced photographs, videos and voice clips to buttress her point.

“When he married me, I was unaware that he is already married,” Pooja complained to the police, even though Arun kept insisting that she was only an ‘acquaintance’, and not a wife. An infuriated Pooja then threatened that if he continued to lie, she would ensure that he is sent behind bars. This made Arun relent and admit that she was his second wife.

Eventually, the fight which started in the police station at 10 am, ended at 9 pm when the cops were able to help the two women reach an understanding. The two ‘wives’ agreed to the proposal.

In another case in Bihar, a 22 year old Bihari married his wife’s mother (mother in law) aged 42 years, after chasing away his 18 year old wife. After living with her for years, now he says that, she is his mother and not wife, and took back his first wife again.