படிக்க எடுத்துக்கொள்ளும் நேரம்: 2 நிமிடங்கள்

Just imagine counting 319,400 rats in a government building and killing them all in just 7 days time! A BJP leader of Maharashtra state has opened up the rat scam of BJP government in the state, giving lot of headache to its leaders.

According to BJP’s Maharashtra state government, the Mumbai Maanakaraatchi Corporation was able to kill only 600,000 rats in about 108 weeks (approx Two Years), but a private contractor counted 319,400 rats in the same premises and killed them all in just a week period!

When discussion on department-wise budgetary demands began in Maharashtra Chattamantram on Thursday, former Revenue minister of the state Mr Eknath Khadse asked the state government “The Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation had killed six lakh rats in two years, but the company, which was given the contract by pre3sent BJP government to kill rats in State Secretariat, where all state government ministers and top officials function , eliminated 3,19,400 rodents in a week. Is it even possible?”

The bill and the supervisory book, Mr Eknath Khadse said, show the elimination was done in seven days. “Looking at the numbers, it is estimated that around 45,628.57 rats were killed per day. While 1,901.19 rats were killed in an hour, 31.68 were eliminated in a minute. The weight of the dead rats is 9.125 tonne. Will the government show where the dead rats were dumped?” he asked.

Mr. Khadse further said the duration of work mentioned in the tender is six months, while it is two months in the work order. “Why this variation?”

Public comment that, this is another Ratty Business of BJP done in broad day light.