Kelavarapalli Purampokku clash
Kelavarapalli Purampokku clash
படிக்க எடுத்துக்கொள்ளும் நேரம்: 1 நிமிடம்

Police have registered case against 13 people near Kelavarapalli as 11 people were injured and admitted in Hosur GH due to families of brothers clashing with each other for purampokku land.

The dispute is so silly and petty, but people were injured from head to toe in the clash.

Yellappa’s brother is Muniyarasappa (75), native of Kelavarapalli.  Muniyarasappa’s son Murukesh (39) has a small hut to live, which is made up in Purampokku land.

Due to rain, the hut has come down on which Murukesh started reconstructing the same using mud and other available items.

This has envied Yellappa’s son Amar Narayana Raja and his family.  Amar has sent a secret information to revenue officials, who came and demolished the hut constructed by Murukesh.

This has angered Murukesh and his family and they developed enmity against Amar and his family.  Quarrel broke out between the families.

Both the brother’s families attacked each other and now they are waiting for justice from police station.