Mafia, Land Grabbers
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Mafia, Land Grabbers
Mafia, Land Grabbers
Cable TV fame Soori of Ram Nagar area was arrested on charges of land grabbing and was lodged in Salem prison.

Soori, who is the State Secretary for Tamil Nadu VHP, founded by himself has businesses in several fields, including Cable TV, Internet services etc.,

Kasthuri of Lakshmi Narayan Nagar in Hosur, is wife of Balakrishnan and owns 11 cents of residential plot in that area.

It is said that, Soori along with 4 others, removed the fence of the land, made bogus documents and have encroached the land, threatened Kasthuri to give away the land.

Kasthuri, sought the help of Krishnagiri SP and on the intervention of SP, a team was formed under Hosur DSP and the police team enquired about the complaint and recovered the land from the gang, arrested Soori and others.

Soori and his members are now in Salem prison.