Dismissing arguments over the lack of mobile towers and spectrum leading to a spate of call drops in the past few months, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Chairman R.S. Sharma said that, its solely with the service providers and until otherwise the service provider has intention, there won’t be any call drop.

Mr. Sharma said telecom operators have “commitments towards customers and they cannot short-change them… There are no compelling reasons [for increase in call drops]. We see no reason why quality of service should deteriorate.”

He also pointed out that, overselling might also be one of the reason for such call drops, particularly with certain telecom operators.

He, however, stressed that the regulator will not remain a silent spectator and will take proactive steps if the situation does not improve.

He also refused to accept the theory of “lack of towers”, as he pointed out that “statistics don’t really support this theory”.

In case of “spectrum deficiency”, Mr Sharma noted that, no wonder has happened in just in these 5 months and so, there is no question of sudden capacity shrinking or spectrum has not shrunk suddenly and in actual, more spectrum has been allocated to these erring operators.

He warned the operators to provide quality service and TRAI will be planning to access the situation by this month end.