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Air India

Flying becomes expensive day by day

A move that was aimed at bringing down flying costs has taken a turn for the worse. Starting May 13, you might have to...

Sugar price to shoot high

Sugarcane decline in Indian output after three years of surpluses may boost imports and help stem the 51% slide in raw sugar futures in...

Consumer forum orders Airtel to pay compensation to lawyer

Bharti Airtel Limited has been directed by a consumer forum here to pay Rs 10,000 to one of its customers as compensation for providing...

Company staff killed near Zuzuwadi

42 year old Maiyazakan of SLV Nagar near Zuzuvadi was found murdered near his locality. He was working for a pipe company near Attibele.  He...

Special prize for those who scored high in +2 exam

Staff union of Tamil Nadu Revenue Department of Krishnagiri District will give prize for girls who have achieved in district level by doing their...
R.D. Minister P.D.S. Shop Opanning Photos

KP Munuswamy opens 7 new PDS shops in Hosur Revenue Block

RD Minister of Tamil Nadu KP Munuswamy, opened 7 new PDS shops in Hosur Block. Few of these shops will operate on part time basis...
KP Munusamy, Tamil Nadu Minister

வனத்துறை சார்பில் 38 ஊராட்சிகளுக்கு பங்கு தொகை ரூ.41,27,620 வழங்கப்பட்டது

கிருஷ்ணகிரி மாவட்டம் வன சரக அலுவலகத்தில் வனத்துறை சார்பில்  38 ஊராட்சிகளுக்கு பங்குத் தொகை வழங்கும் விழா மாவட்ட ஆட்சியர் திரு.டி.பி.ராஜேஷ் இ.ஆ.ப அவர்கள் தலைமையில் நடைபெற்றது. இவ்விழாவில் மாவட்ட ஆட்சித்தலைவர் தலைமையுரையும், மாவட்ட...
Elephants visit Hosur Town

2 hurt in jumbo attacks near Hosur

A group containing four elephants today visited Hosur and stayed inside Central Sericulture Institute till late evening. The elephants are said to have come from...