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Forced Conversion

In Kerala, its not Love Jihad, but Forced Conversion!

National Commission for Women's in-charge Rekha Sharma claimed that the girls had told her how they were "manipulated" and how "forced conversion" took place. They said that boys would take selfies with...
Love Jihad in India

Love Jihad: SC to talk to Kerala girl

NIA plea Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh, appearing for the NIA, contended that there was a well-oiled machinery working on conversion of vulnerable girls. The choice of such girls, even though ...
Nilavembu creates infertility

Nilavembu could cause infertility in men

Scientific studies, have proved that Nilavembu causes infertility. As per tests done on rats had shown that Nilavembu has an adverse effect on the reproductive system particularly in male and can...

Vaastu is another Feku fooling people?

Long before, there was no word called as 'Vaastu' known to the people of Tamil Nadu. But, during early 2000, there came Vaastu and lot many so called Vaastu consultants mushroomed...
Thoothukudi Port

Rs 12 crore scam by Hosur companies busted?

Customs officials have busted a scam at VOC port in Tuticorin where a gang managed to earn Rs 12 crore by claiming drawback duty without exporting anything. Five people were arrested...

Hackers clone fingerprints to make fake Aadhaar cards

Serious concerns hang over Aadhaar security after 'hackers clone fingerprints' to make fake biometric cards in Uttar Pradesh - and investigators suspect an 'insider role' UP's Special Task Force arrested 10 members...

Sasikla lived in Hosur minister Balakrishna’s house?

Karnataka Deputy Inspector General of Police D. Roopa has dropped another bombshell in her report to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) by claiming that she had reliable information of jailed AIADMK leader...
BJP leader killed 200 cows

RSS member leaves 200 cows to starve and die

RSS member turned BJP leader arrested after 200 cows die at government funded shelter, after being left with No Water and No Food. Speculation was rife that bodies of the cows were...
Fake Modi as Sweeper

Two BJP leaders arrested for printing fake currency

Brothers, both of them BJP leaders holding different positions in the saffron party, were arrested for lending money at high interest rate, printing fake currencies in denomination of Rs 2000, 500,...
Plastic Rice

Is ‘plastic rice’ just a rumour or real?

Several towns and cities in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are gripped by fear that unsuspecting consumers are tricked into buying a plastic rice variety, which causes serious health hazards. The rice is...


2019-ஆம் ஆண்டின் சிறந்த இசை பாய்வு செயலி

இசை பாய்வு செயலி என்பது, நாம் எந்த பாடலையும் பதிவிறக்கம் செய்யாமல், இணைய வசதி மூலம் வழங்கிகளில் இருந்து நேரடியாக இசை பாய்வு செய்ய வழிவகுப்பதாகும். முன்பெல்லாம், நாம் திறன் பேசிகளில், பாடல்களை பதிவிறக்கம்...