Cauvery issue back again to center stage

Cauvery Issue: Thamiz Naadu Farmers Agitation
Cauvery Issue: Thamiz Naadu Farmers Agitation

Normally Cauvery issue pops up only during the month of October if monsoons fails in Tamil Nadu, but for a surprise, this time farmers of Thamiz Naadu have taken the issue now, during this second agri season.

A group of farmers from Mannarkudi came to Hosur in their cars and stated that they proceeding towards Kapini dam so as to open its shutters.

When the farmer’s group reached ESI Hospital vattam on national highway, more than 100 policemen who were waiting there, stopped the farmers.

Election is soon to be announced in Karunatakam – Sasikala in Karunatakam jail – farmers from Mannarkudi are trying to reach Karunatakam  – Police stop them at Hosur. Do all these together point to a political stunt?