Chennai Police setting fire
Chennai Police setting fire
படிக்க எடுத்துக்கொள்ளும் நேரம்: 2 நிமிடங்கள்

Hours before, police lobbed tear gas and clashed with stone-throwing protesters, who turned violent after the personnel began the eviction drive from the iconic Chennai seafront that was the epi-centre of the unrest for six days.

Later, videos emerged purportedly showing police caught in acts of violence and setting an auto-rickshaw afire.

Its a real shame. Chennai police were found in camera burning vehicles, setting fire, beating innocents, breaking vehicles… are they police or paid rogues.

Protesters were good and calm, but protectors were violent.

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A day after police forcibly evicted pro-Jallikattu protesters, actor Kamal Haasan on Tuesday questioned the action and said he was shocked that women and children were also reportedly caught in the melee.

The popular actor said he wanted “reasonable explanation” for the police action.

On videos which have gone viral purportedly showing police personnel indulging in arson and beating women, Haasan said he hoped they were not ‘real cops.’ “Hope cops seen in videos are not real”.

Referring to the protests, he said it was a symbol of discontent. The uprising is “absolutely legitimate”, the top star said, adding he was very touched by the protests.

On the ban on Jallikattu, he said more people die in accidents than in Jallikattu.

On demands for banning animal rights group PETA, he said he did not support banning PETA. “Can correct them, if they are wrong.”

The 62-year-old actor, reacting to the police crackdown on protesters, had yesterday tweeted, “aggressive police action on students’ passive resistance will not bear good results.”

He had also urged protesters not to resort to violence.

Haasan, a known Jallikattu supporter, had earlier lauded students for conducting a peaceful stir on the bull taming sport, saying he had become a fan of these students.

Police had on Monday evicted scores of pro-Jallikattu protesters from protest venues across Tamil Nadu, especially Marina beach, amid incidents of stone-pelting, torching a car and baton charge at a few places in the city.