Crocodile caught in Anchetty left safe in Cauvery aaru

Crocodile caught near Anchetty
Crocodile caught near Anchetty

As it rained heavily in Anchetty area, a month ago, Thottalla aaru was flooded and the water over flowed into nearby villages and farm lands.

A crocodile was washed ashore near Pooncholaiyoor near Anchetty about 15 days before.  The crocodile was found coming out of water and hunting on domestic fowls on which villagers alerted forest officials.

Though officials sighted the crocodile and tried to catch the same using a trap, but it managed to escape by swimming in the water towards Vannaththi-patti village.  As water was flooding in the river, officials were not able to catch the same.

As water has receded, officials, with the help of villagers caught the animal using a net as it was found near the lower bridge near the village.

Later, it was left in Cauvery aaru flowing nearby.