District collector inspected Zuzuvadi area

Dengue inspection by District Collector at Zuzuvadi
Dengue inspection by District Collector at Zuzuvadi

In a surprise check, District collector Mr Kathiravan, along with Hosur Sub Collector Chandirakala conducted surprise check at Zuzuvadi area. Officials from both revenue and health department also participated in the inspection.

Collector made it clear to the people that, until otherwise they keep their residential area clean and safe, no government initiative can prevent them from Dengue or other diseases. He also pin pointed that, keeping away Dengue is everyone’s responsibility.

Dengue mosquitoes breed in pure and clear water, hence, keeping water storage tanks closed is the first step to avoid spreading of Dengue. Cleaning water storage tanks using bleaching powder not only keeps the water safe but also avoids mosquitoes breeding in it.

Collector also advised people to drink hot water and approach GH if anyone have fever symptom.

During the inspection, a restaurant was fined Rs 5000 for not storing water safely. Another automobile mechanic shop was also fined for the same reason.

One of the household was penalised by disconnecting their water line, as it was found that they were storing water in barrels with no proper lid.