Elcot office opened in Hosur proposed IT park

Hosur ELCOT office at proposed Hosur IT Park
Hosur ELCOT office at proposed Hosur IT Park

Hosur IT park was a dream for the Tamil Nadu state during the year 2004 and the dream was alive for several years, but never came true due to electricity shortage by that time in the state.

Dr Santosh Babu IAS, then district collector, tried his all level best to inaugurate the IT park, but his attempts went in vain as by that time the DMK government was not showing any interest in it.

During that time, on Dr Santosh Babu’s initiative, aerial survey was conducted at Hosur by Infosys, Wipro, TCS and other IT majors as these companies by that time facing trouble by kannada outfits in Bengkalooru.

As of now, the IT industry in Bengkalooru is settled there with no trouble from Kannada outfits now, Hosur IT park dream has no chance of any take off. In Tamil Nadu, other than in Coimbatore, no other cities including Madurai has succeeded in making the IT industry as a part of their life.

Instead of constructing IT park in the proposed Hosur IT park land, government has constructed an office building at a cost of Rs 22 crores which will be used by ELCOT.

Yesterday, through video conferencing, Tamil Nadu CM inaugurated the ELCOT office building at Hosur.

It is not yet clear, what kind of functions ELCOT will undertake using the office.