Elderly woman killed by an elephant

Elephant Attack
Elephant Attack

Narasamma (70), is native of Kangkanappalli village in Kumlaapuram Uratchi in Thenkanikottai vattam.

She is deaf and used to take sheep and goats to nearby forest area for rearing. As usual on Saturday – 4th October 2017, she has taken her cattle to the nearby forest area.

As she did not return home on the evening, her relatives went into the forest in search for her. Relatives found the woman lying dead inside the reserved forest close to Kanganapalli.

According to Thally kaaval, the elderly woman, who have gone into the forest for cattle grazing, was caught by the wild jumbo in the herd before knocking down Narasamma to the ground leading to her death.

About 20 elephants from Bannarghatta wild life sanctuary in the neighboring Karnataka in its migration towards Venkateswara wild life sanctuary in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh via Hosur forest area are now stationing near Chavalakiri.