Elephants back again in Hosur area

Elephants near Hosur
Elephants near Hosur

Seven elephants are now camping in Chaanamaavu forest area, very near to Hosur.

All the elephants that were found roaming in Chaanamaavu, Podur Pallam, Chettipalli and Melu Malai area were moved out to Karnataka reserved forest areas very recently.

While most the elephants were moved out, officials were not able to move a single elephant that is, even now stationing in Chaanamaavu forest.

A week before, another six elephants which were found roaming in Thenkanikottai forest area have joined with the single elephant and now all the seven jumbos are enjoying their life in Chaanamaavu forest area.

Forest officials have alerted villagers living in Chaanamaavu and nearby villages to be alert about the jumbos.