Hosur Bus stand
Hosur Bus stand

Plenty of touts and street side vendors have put up their push carts and business, encroaching the roads near Hosur bus stand area.

Though previous sub collector was promising to remove such encroachments, he remained silent for some unknown reasons.

Particularly, most of these street side vendors had previous crime history and police was in close watch on their activities.

After a long gap, Hosur has got a DSP. Hosur DSP Vijaya Karthik Raj, on the day of taking office, promised that, his first priority will be clearing traffic in Hosur.

As a first step, he ordered his team to clear all encroachments near Hosur bus stand and in Bagalur road area.

Kaaval personnel removed the encroachments and warned severe action if anyone is found again encroaching the roads.