Female elephant found dead near Thally

Elephant died or murdered? Poisoned to death?
Elephant died or murdered? Poisoned to death?

A female elephant was found dead near Thally, forest officials blame it on illness.  Was it poisoned to death?

More than 200 elephants migrate between Karunataka’s Bennerghatta forest area to Kuppam forest area.  As the migration happen all through the year, elephants were found roaming in Thenkanikottai and Choolakiri forest areas, as the area fall between Bennerghatta and Kuppam.

As of now, about 30 elephants are stationing in Thevarpetta forest area near Thenkanikottai. 

One elephant of that group was found dead near Thasarapally village.  The age of the elephant is assumed as 20 years.  Normal life span for Hosur elephants is 48 years.

It is assumed that, the elephant might have eaten some poisonous substance, most probably kept by farmers of the village area.   The abdomen of the pachyderm was found enlarged.  The dead elephant has a one year old calf.

Villagers who poison these giant animals should be punished and penalized heavily, so as to protect them, is the wish of general public.