Gujarat Latest Survey
Gujarat Latest Survey

According to Gujarat latest survey, Congress and BJP will finish the upcoming Gujarat assembly election by sharing each 43% votes.

Final tracker poll conducted by Lokniti-CSDS-ABP News predicts an equal vote share of 43% for both parties

The State of Gujarat will go to polls on December 9 and 14. The Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party have left no stone unturned to make maximum gains in elections. For Congress, Rahul Gandi has run a whirlwind campaign to give his party a boost before 2019 general elections.

Region wise Gujarat latest survey:

In South Gujarat, BJP is expected to get 44 per cent votes, Congress is expected to get 42 per cent votes.

In central Gujarat, 41 per cent people will vote for BJP, 40 per cent people will vote Congress.

In case of North Gujarat BJP is expected to get 41 per cent votes in rural and in urban the safron party will manage to get upto 46%, while Congress is expected to get 56 per cent votes.

Vote Share in Saurashtra and Kutch will be BJP: 43 per cent , Congress: 49 per cent.

Community wise:

Going by community and caste, Patidars vote share towards Congress is about 59%, while Kohli community will vote Congress with 61% support.

If we analyse income group wise, then most of the businessmen and daily wage workers will vote for Congress.

Another bloc that has shifted in favour of the Congress is that of women voters. Till a month back, women were strongly backing the BJP 50% to 39% for the Congress. The latter, however, has managed to cover some ground and the gap between the two parties is just two points with 44% of the respondents now favouring the BJP against 42% for the Congress.

The survey was conducted from November 23 through November 30, 2017 among 3,655 voters in 200 locations (polling stations) spread across 50 constituencies. The State has a total of 182 assembly constituencies.

Who will form next government?

Though the voting patern might look that stated above, the Gujarat latest survey still predicts that BJP will form the next government having 95 seats, while Congress will sit in opposition with just 82 seats. Others will win about 5 seats. The State has a total of 182 assembly constituencies.