What happened to Singer Suchithra? Was she abducted?


Suchithra’s twitter account was releasing lot many secret images and videos of Kollywood super guys. The images detailed how villain our Kollywood leading people were.

For example, it showed the real face of Danush and also detailed what kind of sex scandal that is going on in Jaggi Vasudev’s forest area Isha Yoga.

After releasing and detailing too many things in the twitter, now her twitter – SuchithraLeaks – remains silent and is now being posted with cuisine tips.

Not only her twitter is silent, but her phone also has gone untraceable now. Dialing her number gives only one message “neengal muyaRchi cheyyum chandaadaararai thaRpoLuthu thotarpu kolla iyalaathu”

Even knocking the door of her house has no response. Where is Suchithra now? Was she abducted? Or, she is under someone’s custody?

Before Suchithra disappeared, her twitter account was talking about a video of Ajith!!! Or, is that the message belongs to Danush, so as to splash mud on everyone in Kollywood!

To be noted here is that, Suchithra was telling media that, she was not posting any video or images in her account and someone who is appearing in the images is the guy doing all non-sense… is that the guy is Danush?

Suchithra went ahead telling the world that, Danush along with Anirudh had sex with her after drugging her at Isha Yoga Center owned by Jaggi Vasudev.