Hosur Janapar Street woman arrested for cheating

Fraud, Cheat, Cheating
Fraud, Cheat, Cheating

A woman who was living in Janapar street was arrested by Hosur kaaval on cheating charges.

Syed Banu (35) lives in Janapar street and was supporting Pengkal groups by arranging loan from banks and micro financiers.

It is said that she was supporting about 30 Pengkal groups.

As she arrange loans, she used to collect money from the Pengkal groups and repay the same to banks. This practice was happening for a long time and hence woman groups had a strong faith in her.

Now, the Pengkal groups have understood that the money that they have paid for repayment of loan has not reached the banks.

It is believed that Syed Banu has managed to swindle several lacs of money. A kaaval complaint has been lodged on which Hosur kaaval conducted inquiry. The case was handed over to Porulaathaara KutRaviyal police at Krishnakiri. Police arrested her and have lodged her in prison.