படிக்க எடுத்துக்கொள்ளும் நேரம்: 2 நிமிடங்கள்

Javakar (27), a native of Ennamangalam Vadakku Theru of Anthiyoor in Erode district, stayed in Nanchaapuram near Hosur and was working as a designer for an industry.

He lived in Hosur along with his parents in a rented house.

Sruthi, a B.Pharm graduate was living nearby with her parents.  Her father is identified as Cheenivasa Reddy.

Both Javakar and Sruthi had developed love and the pair eloped recently.

As Cheenivasa Reddy is influential, SIPCOT kaaval took custody of Javaka’s parents and his uncle and were holding them for several days now.

With no other option, Javakar has petitioned Erode kaaval kankaanippaalar Sivakumar.

In the petition, Javakar has stated that, he had married Sruthi as per Than Mariyaathai Thirumanam rites on 16th of February this year.  The marriage has been registered with Mettur Sub Registrar office.

He has also stated that SIPCOT kaaval at Hosur is unnecessarily keeping his parents and uncle in their custody due to influence and money given by Sruthi’s father.

He also has stated that, he and his wife does not feel safe for their life.  He sought kaaval protection for him and his wife and also requested action to release his parents and uncle from kaaval custody.