Hosur Muttai Kosu price goes three times high

Muttai Kosu, Cabbage Farm
Muttai Kosu, Cabbage Farm

Continuous rain in Hosur and nearby areas is spoiling farm produce instead of giving support to the same.

Cabbage – Muttai Kosu is being produced in Hosur area in about 1500 acres of land.  While Rs 1 lac is required to produce cabbage in 1 acre of land, farmers managed to get anywhere between Rs 700 to Rs 1000 per bag of the produce.  This made several farmers to take Muttai Kosu farming.

Now, as its raining consistently, almost all the farm produce, let it be flowering, green leaves, ground nuts or vegetables, are all are affected and plants are dying in the field due to excess water stagnating.

As on date, Muttai Kosu is being sold at Rs 3500 per bag from Hosur, which is going as a lucky dip for farmers who have managed to maintain the plants healthy and produce the same in this heavy rainy season.