Happy Internet User
Happy Internet User
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Happy Internet User
Happy Internet User

Mental health experts have analysed that the increased popularity of Internet use can be considered as helpful in easing depression.

According to Stuff.co.nz, mental health experts are now putting in more attention to what people suffering from depression say online in order to reach out for help.

The New Zealand Mental Health Foundation has praised social media and has dubbed it as the modern equivalent to picking up the phone.

Chief Executive Judi Clements said that people started to recognise in the 1950s that someone would be more likely to phone a friend to tell them they were depressed than visit them, however, now people don’t think of phone call, but think of Facebook.

Clements said that people would often find it easier to talk to strangers online, and it could be great therapy to allow them to talk without discomfort, embarrassment, or shame as they feel more liberated to talk to somebody that doesn’t know them, doesn’t know their history, doesn’t know their baggage.

The report said that the foundation was looking to develop ways to set off an alert if someone on social media appeared to be at risk of hurting themselves.

On handling cases seeking help online, Clements said that one should give the person a number to call, send them the link, keep the dialogue open and give them any support or help one can.

Clements stressed that if it seemed like someone was in danger, one should not hesitate to call emergency services.

She believes that talking to somebody was always a great option, and it need not be a trained therapist or counselor and it was proven that exercise helps depression, the report added.