New Born Dumped near Anchetti
New Born Dumped near Anchetti

There are plenty of couples who take up lot many pilgrimages and also keep on visiting doctors for want of child, but here is a case where a mother has dumped her just born child in a bush near Anchetti.

K0ripalayam village is near Anchetti.  Villagers who passed through a passage near an Eri heard a loud cry of a baby from a bush.

When they reached at, they were shocked to see a new born baby dumped in the thorny bush.

Anchetti government hospital was informed immediately.  Dr Ashok Kumar along with nurses rushed to the spot and recovered the baby from the thorny bush safely.

They baby is said to be in good health condition.  According to doctors, the baby boy will be shifted to Dharmapuri Medical College, as only there, there is facility to take care of neonatal.

Kaaval has been informed and they are conducting search for the mother who has done this heinous crime.  As Anchetti is surrounded by plenty of villages, easily kaaval can locate the mother, by collecting information on pregnant women.