For Kallak Kaadhal, mother killed her child

Mother Killed Child
Mother Killed Child

Radha (24), wife of Kempaiya (35), is native of Anumandhapuram village near Uthanapalli village near Hosur.

The couple had a son aged 4 and a daughter, aged one and a half years.

Three months before, Radha, along with her daughter left the house, to live with her Kallak Kaadhalan Cheenivasan (37) of Maya-nayakkana-palli village. But, 15 days before, she came back to her house, but again went with another Kallak Kaadhalan.

This time, Kempaiya, approached Thenkanikottai police, requesting them to give advice to Radha to live with him and take care of their small children.

Police gave counseling and also warned Radha’s Kallak Kaadhalars to keep away from her.

Couple of days before, the girl child was found dead in their house. There were enough evidence that, the child has been murdered by holding the neck.

Uthanapalli police registered a case and investigated to find that it was Radha who has committed this heinous crime. Further investigation revealed that, she killed the child, so as to live happily with her Kallak Kaadhalars.

Police arrested Radha, produced her in Hosur court and put her in Salem prison.