Knife Attack

A daily wage worker was arrested by Uthanapalli kaaval, as he cut a throat of a mason on a Kallak kaathal issue.

Murukesan (35), a mason is native of Anchalakiri colony near Uthanapalli near Hosur.  In his motor bike, he used to pickup 23 year old Munirathinamma, who is wife of Soma Sekar, native of T. Kuruparapalli village near Uthanapalli.

Both Murukesan and Munirathinamma used to commute in the bike together daily for work.

Soma Sekar started getting doubt on the behavior of both.  He advised his not to go along with Murukesan.  He is said to have warned Murukesan too not to take his wife in the bike.

As both have continued the journey, angered Soma Sekar went to the house of Murukesan in Anchalakiri village.  After nicely speaking with him, he requested him to drop him at his home.

Happily Murukesan agreed and took Soma Sekar in the bike.  When both were on the way, Soma Sekar took a knife and attacked Murukesan on the neck and escaped from the spot.

With critical injuries Murukesan was rushed to Krishnakiri GH.  From the hospital, he lodged a complaint about Soma Sekar.

Uthanapalli kaaval registered a case and arrested Soma Sekar.