Kanja distributor from Andhra arrested in Hosur

Cannabis - Kanja - Ganja
Cannabis - Kanja - Ganja

Hosur Nakara Kaaval KankaanippaaLar Senthil Kumar and his team were on their routine vehicle check yesterday on Thally road – Ring Road intersection.

The police team stopped a vehicle bearing Andhra registration number and searched the vehicle to find some dry leaves packed and kept in the vehicle.

Police enquiry with the driver of the car revealed that, he is Nagesh (45), belonging to Pulirendulaa village in Kadappa district of Andhra. Further enquiry revealed that, he is a wholesale distributor of Kanja.  He has already off loaded a consignment in Bangalore and was on his way towards interior parts of Tamil Nadu to distribute Kanja to his dealer network.

From him, 26 kg of Kanja was seized.  Police also seized the car used to smuggle Kanja.  The man was arrested.