Kerala Ayurvedic Dr Sanjay - The Cheating Champion
Kerala Ayurvedic Dr Sanjay - The Cheating Champion
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‘Cheating Champion’ Kerala Ayurvedic Dr Sanjay held by kaaval in Namakkal.

Nationalism is at its peak now and anyone who speaks nationalism can make money out from the public.

People have started believing whatever it is being told in the name of nationalism.

Here is a cheating champion, native of Kerala, who made few million rupees from Hosurians, who believed his words.

Kerala Ayurvedic Dr Sanjay

A keralite named Sanjay, whose educational background is not known to anyone, came to Hosur and declared that he is an Ayurvedic Doctor from Kerala.

Through advertisements on local cable TVs and other media, he proclaimed that, Allopathy is a cheating medicine while Ayurveda gives the real cure to diabetes.

As usual people fell prey to his advertisement skills and he received a big crowd as patients every day.

Cheating Champion:

At Hosur, he started his first cheating game with the building owner where he was running his clinic.  He convinced Usha, the building owner that he is planning to build a clinic on his own in which he will make Usha one of the partner.  Believing his words, Usha has given him 2 million rupees.

Using the same technique, he has managed to take Rs 4.5 million from Mathivanan of Krishnakiri.  He spread his tentacles to Trichy and got Rs 6 million from Uma Shankar of Trichy.

Later, from his patients, he managed to suck another Rs 2 million.

Great Escape:

Overnight, he vanished from the clinic and never turned up.  Hosur Kaaval received complaints and they tried their best, but Hosur Kerala Dr Sanjay remained hiding.

Couple of days before, Sanjay has called up Usha over phone and has asked her to come to Namakkal.  He has promised that he will settle the payment and requested her to withdraw the case.


As Kerala Sanjay promised to give back her money, along with Vijayendiran and Kopikrishnan, Usha has gone to Namakkal and met Sanjay.

Instead of giving back money, Sanjay along with 6 other men, locked up the three and took signatures on documents from Usha.  The gang also took away 26 gram gold chain she was wearing.

Mr Arul Arasu, SP, Namakkal:

The information on abduction and cheating reached the ears of Mr Arul Arasu, SP, Namakkal.

He ordered to form a special team to nab Sanjay and his 7 member gang.

Police team surrounded the hideout of Sanjay and his team and arrested Sanjay and his men.  They also released Usha and her two men from Sanjay.

According to Kaaval, Sanjay has cheated and defrauded several people across Kerala and also many in Tamil Nadu and Karunatakam.

Though, only cheating case was filled against him in all cases, this is the first known case of abduction.

It is also said that Hosur Kerala Ayurvedic Dr Sanjay has molested several women in several places with the promise of marrying them.  As, no one has come forward with a complaint police have not slapped any charges related to this on him till now.