The helpline and control rooom numbers are: 9731666751; 2337111666; 22942666.

Almost all the bogies were derailed and few of them has collided with each other, more than 150 passengers have been rescued while 10 were found dead.

It is feared that much more death and injured are trapped in the bogies and recue work is going on.

More than 10 ambulances from government and private hospitals of Hosur has been rushed to the accident spot which is near Anekal near Bangalore.

The accident has occurred at around 7.15m am today.

The train should have reached Hosur by around 7.30 and from here it will leave for Coimbatore / Ernakulam at around 7.40 daily.  Its a superfast train.  Lot of commuters travel in this train to reach Salem, Erode, Tirupur to attend their work places.

National disaster management team from Arakonam is being rushed to the accident spot.  The team has about 100 people which fully equipped to handle the situation.

The engine has got into flames and almost all the bogies have derailed.

It was villagers who rushed to the spot and started the rescue work.