Live Cockroach in Woman's brain
Live Cockroach in Woman's brain
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Live cockroach was found entered near a woman’s brain, Stanley Medical College Hospital’s ENT doctors got it removed.

A cockroach has entered a Chennai woman’s nose and reached her brain, stayed there alive for several hours, creating trauma for her.

42 year old Selvi, wife of Munuswamy is living in Gowriamman Koil Theru of Echambakkam of Chennai on 31st of this month’s night.

At around midnight, she felt something entering her nose, after which she had a severe head ache.

She was rushed to a private hospital located in Echambakkam, where the doctors declared that some flesh has grown inside and because of the same, she is having head ache.  They gave some medication and made her to go home.

Chennai Stanley Hospital doctors removed live cockroach from woman's brain
Chennai Stanley Hospital doctors removed live cockroach from woman’s brain

As her head ache was at its peak, she rushed to another private hospital, where doctors scanned her head and found that a cockroach is staying alive near her brain.  By that she understood that, while she was asleep, the cockroach has entered into her nose and reached the brain.

Doctor’s of that private hospital advised her to rush to Stanley Medical College Hospital.

Yesterday morning she was admitted to Stanley Medical College Hospital, where team of ENT specialists, that includes Dr M N Shankar and Muthu Chitra diagnosed her.

Looking through the nose, using nose endoscopy, the doctors found the cockroach still alive in the brain of Selvi.

The doctors tried to pull out the cockroach using suction devices, but failed in their attempt.

Later, they used sophisticated Nasal Endoscopy equipment and brought out the cockroach.

Selvi returned to normal condition and thanked the doctors.