Country Guns
Country Guns
படிக்க எடுத்துக்கொள்ளும் நேரம்: 1 நிமிடம்

A man was found running in fear after seeing police near Thally on which police chased him and caught hold of him along with two country guns he was possessing.

Thally kaaval SI Kunasekaran and police personal were on their routine yesterday, and were checking vehicles near Chennamaalam village.

On sighting the police team, a man started running away.  Police chased and caught him.  He was identified as Muthu Mallesh (30), a native of Chennamaalam village.

Further inquiry by kaaval revealed that he was possessing two guns and was using them to hunt wild animals.

Police arrested Muthu Mallesh and seized the guns he was possessing.