Marigold, Chendumalli
Marigold, Chendumalli

As most of the farmers cultivated Marigold this year, yield is very high than the demand.  Farmers get very low price for their produce.  This makes the farmers to dump the flowers on road sides.

As of yesterday, the flower is being sold in wholesale market for Rs 20 per kg.  This is less than the cost for plucking the flowers from the farm land.

A month before the flower was sold at Rs 50 per kg, which attracted several farmers to produce the same.

Good rainfall and enough water helped farmers in producing the flower in large quantities.

Every plant in an average produce about 2 kg of flowers in a season.  Cost for planting and maintaining used to be Rs 50,000 per acre.  Farmers used to plant about 5000 plants in a acre.  The plant used to flower in a very short period.  

As the quality of Chendumalli (Marigold) produced in Hosur is very good, there is always demand for the flower in Madurai, Kerala, Mumbai and other flower markets.