Mentally ill woman attacked for not saying ‘Jai Sri Ram’!

RSS Hindutva Terror
RSS Hindutva Terror

Who is mentally ill? will be the question after reading a news about Hindutva brigade in Maharashtra, attacking a mentally ill woman who was begging for her foods, for not saying “Jai Sri Ram” as demanded by the RSS gang.

A mentally ill woman was living on the road side in Nagpur town, begging for her food. Two men, said to be associated with the RSS gang approached the woman and demanded her to shout “Jai Sri Ram” and “Jai Hanuman”. As the woman is mentally ill, she was not able to understand what the men were demanding and hence she kept mum.

The RSS men attacked the woman with a long plastic tube in which she cried in pain. She also cried for help at those who were witnessing the crime against her, but the people watched her being attacked just remained laughing and making fun, but no one came for her help.

Few among the public captured the scene in their phone and happily shared the same in social media.   The mentally ill woman said those words as demanded by the RSS men and only then the Hindutva goons left the place leaving her bleeding.

Maharashtra police arrested the two RSS men and there is no further news of any legal action taken against those two criminals.