Nandhi Chilai that brings rain to Hosur?

Nandhi – Removed – Reason not known
Nandhi – Removed – Reason not known

While Vainavam do not have any rules to build their temples, Siva temples are built strictly according to Aakama Vithi – rules that were researched and dictated in a document dating back to several thousands of years.

Aakama vithi dictates rules on size of Lord statue to be installed in a Siva temple, trees that has to be planted, size of statues of other deities, direction of the main gate and other important customs that has to be followed while constructing a Siva temple.

Unlike modern day Vaastu, the Aakama vithi is applied according to the location, climate and other geographic considerations of the land.

As per Aakama vithi, the Siva temple in the Hosur hill was constructed 800 years back, when Hosur was called as Murasu Naadu.

During 2002, a Kerala priest was brought to Hosur by a leading two wheeler motorbike manufacturer of Hosur and choli was diced in the temple and aarudam was told by the priest for the welfare of the company.  According to that, a Nandhi Statue was removed from the temple along with the bell.

After that, Hosur reeled under drought.  People also tried to modify the main gate direction of the temple.  Baskaran, then Hosur Nakaraatchi thunai thalaivar, who led the pooja for altering the main gate, died in a road accident, just days after conducting the pooja.

Ramanaicken Eri, the lake that was the first to be built by the King Ramanathan to establish Hosur in the year 1200 was also went dry for the past 15 years.

During this year April, the old Nandhi Chilai was re-installed in the temple campus, exactly in the same location and special poojas were conducted during the temple festival in the month.  In a direct coincidence, it has rained in Hosur sufficiently and water is full in Ramanaicken Eri.

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Pachchai Kulam and Mandapam in the center

Pachchai Kulam and Mandapam in the center