No more free rice for Family Card holders?

Rat in Ration shop Hosur 10
Rat in Ration shop Hosur 10

Free rice distribution was stopped for 750 family card holders near Hosur, making the card holders to hold an agitation in from of a Ration Shop.

Villagers belonging to Kuru-paratha-palli, Kundu-kurukki, Om-dE-palli, Sappadi and other small and tiny villages were attached to a ration shop located in Kuru-paratha-palli near Choolakiri.

According to villagers, from 1st of this month, no card holder was given free rice. Balaji is taking care of the shop.

Yesterday being Monday, with expectation to take home cereals and Free rice lot many villagers have gathered in front of the shop. Balaji said to have come to the shop very late and has talked very rudely about the non-availability of rice.

Angered card holders blocked national highway and also held agitation infront of the shop.

This made officials including Choolakiri Vattaatchiyar Perumal, Vatta Vazangkal aluvalar Sakthivel, Kaaval officials to rush to the spot and hold negotiation with the villagers.

As officials promised to take swift action to arrange for Free rice, card holders dispersed from the area.