A thief, who tried to pickpocket Rs 200 was caught hold in Choolakiri bus stand and was handed over to kaaval.

Venkatapathy (41), a daily wage worker is native of Kotralapalli village near Choolakiri.

To get a bus to go back home, he was waiting in Choolakiri bus stand on day before yesterday evening.

By that time, a man dashed him and took away Rs 200 from his pocket.  He shouted for help and fellow passengers who were waiting in the bus stand chased and caught the thief.

As usual, they gave what they can give to a thief and called upon the kaaval.  Police rushed to the spot and initial inquiry revealed that the thief is Ramesh Chathri (38),  a native of Assam.

Kaaval have arrested him and recovered the cash.