PMK’s GK Mani advises not to waste a single drop of water

GK Mani at Kelavarapalli Anai
GK Mani at Kelavarapalli Anai

GK Mani, the state president of political party PMK, has advised the government and people not to waste a single drop of water that is being released from Kelavarapalli dam in Thenpennai Aaru.

He was visiting the dam site yesterday along with his party men.

According to him, if the water from the check dam is managed properly, then it will solve irrigation water problem in Soolagiri, Hosur and Thenkanikottai vattams. The water will also solve depleting ground water issue and also drinking water shortage.

GK Mani, speaking about the ongoing turmoil in ADMK said that, the Tamil Nadu government has stopped function from the day Ms Jayalalitha got admitted to hospital. He bombarded ADMK by saying that, the party is more interested in offering party to its MLAs in star hotels and luxury villas by capturing and holding them in such locations due to heavy horse trading with the blessings of Narendra Modi.