Buzzer type water level indicator

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Buzzer type water level indicator, included electrode sensor.

Buzzer type water level indicator

Its never possible to switch off the pump, exactly when tank water level reaches full.  This makes water to overflow, causing wastage of water, power and money.

The most cost effective method to save water is, fix a system that can make alert sound when tank level reaches maximum.  Switching off the motor immediately on hearing the warning sound will avoid overflow.  Not only this saves water, it also saves energy and hence money.

Along with beep sound, a bright blue light will glow to show the tank is full.

PhilTeg’s Buzzer type water level indicator can be installed for any sort of pumps, let it be self prime, mono block, open well submersible, submersible pumps with single phase or three phase starters.

PhilTeg’s Buzzer type water level indicator can be used as an level indicator.

This unit can be fixed for overhead tanks, ground level water sumps, storm water collection tanks, septic or sewage tanks.

The system uses Koli Buzzer and hence will lost long.  Operates in 230VAC, no need for changing batteries.  SMPS power supply keeps the device active even in voltages ranging from 90 – 320 VAC.

In case of fixing the unit for storm water collection tank, it is good fixing the unit via alternative power source (UPS, inverter or power generator ) as storm/ rain water level alerts shall not stop due to power failures during heavy rains or during flooding time.

(Extra cost applicable for : Installation cost + Wires/Cables + Accessories)

Buzzer type water level indicator