Low cost fully automatic water level controller

Low cost fully automatic water level controller

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Low cost fully automatic water level controller by PhilTeg, is the lowest cost, most affordable, cost effective water level controller available in the market.

Low cost fully automatic water level controller

When tank water level reaches low, the device switches ON the pump and when water level reaches full, then the pump is automatically switched OFF.

The device can monitor both overhead tank as well as ground level sump.  If there is no water in the sump, then the pump will not be started and while the sump goes empty when pump is running, it stops the pump.

For both overhead tank and sump, cable float sensor switch is required, which can be procured at additional cost.

If there is no need to monitor sump, then one cable float is sufficient.

Fully automatic Water Level Controller start and stop motor pump automatically as per the set water level in the tank.

Very very low cost fully automatic water level controller is suitable for all sorts of water pumps other than those attached with single phase starters with starter capacitor.

Suitable for use in Bungalow, residential houses, multi-storied apartments, hospitals, hotels & etc…

Manual and auto mode is available. Even if the device fails, there is no worry in operating the pump manually.

Switch ON the pump when the water level in the overhead tank reaches preset level

Switch OFF the pump when either overhead tank is full or water level reaches low level in the underground tank, therefore prevents dry running.

Save Water & Electricity and hence saves money.

Very easy installation & can be done by any electrician.

PVC cable float switch is corrosion free, sturdy & durable.  Has to purchased separately at additional cost.

12 months warranty against manufacturing defect.

Uses very simple and basic electronics and hence no worry about failures.

SMPS power supply makes the unit sturdy to operate between 80 – 320 VAC.

(Extra cost applicable for : Installation cost + Wires/Cables + Accessories)

Low cost fully automatic water level controller