Semi automatic water level controller

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Semi automatic water level controller, just switch ON the pump manually, the device will switch OFF the pump when water reaches full level.

Semi automatic water level controller

A very low cost solution to stop wastage of water, power and money.  Manually switching ON the pump when ever the water storage tank is empty is not a tedious process and it never wastes water or power.  But, when tank is full, and the water overflows, then its a great pain for many, as precious water get wasted.

PhilTeg has a device, where, the pump gets switches OFF whenever the tank level reaches full.

There is visual indication showing the pump is ON.  When tank level reaches full, a bright Blue LED will glow and switches off the pump.

A simple electrode sensor comes with the pack.  It will last longer as the electrode is chrome coated.

Semi Automatic Water Level Controller does not let the water to overflow from the tank.

A simple low cost solution to automate existing single phase pumping system.

Suitable for Any Type of AC motor (Single/Three phase motor – self-prime, Monoblock, Jet Pump, Submersible, etc.)

Fixing the unit is very simple and does not need any expertise. Any electrician can install the device.

This semi automatic water level controller device uses simple electronics and there is no sophisticated technology in it. So, the unit will work trouble free for years. No maintenance required. No electric leakage or shocks.

Suitable for bungalows, industries, hospitals and in luxurious apartments and homes. Use of this product saves water, saves electricity and saves money.

(Extra cost applicable for : Installation cost + Wires/Cables + Accessories)

Semi automatic water level controller