Water level controller with voltage monitoring

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PhilTeg’s overhead water tank overflow protection and automatic motor on/off switch with sump motor dry run protection helps both domestic and industrial users to save water by stopping wastage of water due to overflow.  This automatic swithc also helps in prolonging the life of sump motors as it protects the motor from dry run.  This switch helps is saving electricity and thereby brings down electric bills.


Fully Automatic water level controller with Voltage monitoring, dry run protection, ultrasonic sensor, running hours limit.

Fully automatic, hands free, water level controller. No need for any human interference, Micro Controller Based, Ultra-sonic sensor.

Shall be used in Self Prime, mono block pumps, open well pumps and submersible motor pumps.

Shall be fitted to Single Phase and Three Phase Motors.

Water level in Over head tank will be displayed in centimeter units

Fully programmable:

  • The empty and full capacity level of water storage tank can be programmed according to the storage capacity with a simple push button switch provided.  Can monitor a tank of 30 centimeters to 10 feet depth.
  • Operational voltage range can be programmed.
  • Dry run time at the start can be programmed from 0 to 999 seconds.  Suitable in cases where initial flow of water will be delayed due to several reasons.  After the initial dry run check, while running, if water fails to reach for 15 continuous seconds, then pump will be switched off.  So, double dry run protection.
  • Pump running hours can be set from 1 minute to 3 hours.  Prevents pump from running for several hours, there by protects pump.

Usage and Application:

This switch can be used as an overhead tank water manager for domestic application and also as a unit for measuring liquid stored in storage tanks in case of industrial application.

Suitable for apartments, industries, individual houses, row houses and for any water level management as an automation system.

There is no contact material touching the liquid to monitor the level and hence it shall be used for monitoring storage level of semi-liquid materials.

Quality and Testing:

This switch is tested in different environment, different usage patterns and applications On/Off switch.

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