Alankanallur Vaadivaasal
Alankanallur Vaadivaasal
படிக்க எடுத்துக்கொள்ளும் நேரம்: 3 நிமிடங்கள்

At Madurai, students from almost all the arts & science colleges, both boys and girls, who had abandoned their classes, came in a rally of two-wheelers.

Women power was in display with fervor at Tamukkam where around 13,500 college students, 4,500 of whom were college girls, converged raising the banner to save Eru Thazuval Vilaiyaattu.

At Madurai:

In the temple city where young girls rarely participate in public protests as in metropolitan cities, college girls came out to display their enthusiasm, all of them doing so with the permission of their parents.

The college girls who had formed a WhatsApp group — ‘We support jallikattu’ — to constantly update on various developments related to the students’ protest, gathered at an arterial road today after they received a message in the group from 200 students camping overnight in Tamukkam on Tuesday, to show their strength in public.

“As Tamilians we know what jallikattu is. We want jallikattu” — the girls were seen raising such slogans repeatedly in unison at the protest site.

Students from almost all the arts and science colleges, who had abandoned their classes, came in a rally of two-wheelers to protest sites in Goripalayam, Thalakulam and Simmakkal.

Vehicle traffic came to a standstill in the city for several hours during the rally. Witnessing the spontaneous outburst of the students, citizens of various places in and around Madurai staged protests to express their solidarity with the students.

The political vocabulary articulated by the girl students in the protest venue clearly expressed their social and cultural position to safeguard Tamil identity. “In the last two years, we have clearly understood that the Centre and state were not interested in safeguarding Tamil culture. If the Prime Minister Modi could make an overnight announcement on demonetization of currency notes, why is he not taking similar steps to pass law to remove the bull from list of performing animals,” asks Aishwaraya, an engineering college student.

At Chennai:

More than 50,000 people had gathered at the Marina beach on Wednesday as the protests gained momentum and the agitation spread to nook and corner of the metropolis.

From Vadapalani to Guindy to Perungudi to Washermanpet to Parry’s Corner – cries for Jallikattu rent the air as protesters demanded that the Union Government promulgate an ordinance to ensure conduct of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu.

Crowds at the Marina beach screamed and condemned the Prime Minister for his inaction and Subramanian Swamy for his insensitive remarks calling the protesters as “porukkis” (scoundrels).

Students from D.G. Vaishnav, St.Thomas, Pachayappas, Loyola and New Colleges and Ambedkar University participated in the protest. Many female protesters also took pride by taking part and surprisingly few school students were also spotted at the protest site.

Naam Thamizar Katchi’s Seeman:

Naam Thamizar Katchi’s Seeman went to Madurai and participated in the agitation along with students, but a section of students opposed the same and a water packet was thrown at him.

Understanding the sentiments of students, Seeman quickly moved out from the place and he has put up a separate agitation site near Periyaar statue near Madurai corporation office.

Another big crowd is following Seeman at the agitation site.

Speaking to reporters, he declared that, he will wait till 21st and if nothing positive comes out, he will go to Alanganallur and conduct Eru Thazuval vilaiyaattu.