Red Sanders, Chemmarak Kattai
Red Sanders, Chemmarak Kattai
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Millions of rupee worth Red Sander wooden logs were found in a expensive car abandoned near Sikaralapalli village in Choolakiri – Rayakottai road.

Choolakiri kaaval got a tip-off that, red sanders from the forest area is cut and smuggled in a car that is speeding towards Rayakottai.

As kaaval was alert, the smugglers, somehow got the information and abandoned the vehicle near Sikaralapalli village and managed to escape.

Kaaval recovered 8 red sander wooden logs from the car.

Further police inquiry revealed that, a four men gang was operating for a long time in Choolakiri area.  They were said to be staying in Sikaralapalli village and was indulging in the crime.

Police seized the wooden logs along with the car and searched the house where the accused were staying and recovered wood cutting machines.