Railway Track - Two line - File Image
Railway Track - Two line - File Image
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In the recently read out central budget, Hosur has been allocated Rs 376 crores for Hosur railway project.

Though there is no announcement on linking Hosur with Cholaarpettai, the long time demand of Hosur Industrialists and traders, today, it has come out that, two way line between Hosur and Bangalore will be implemented this year.

The total distance between Hosur and Bangalore via rail line is about 48 kilometers and this distance will be made two line.

This is a very important step, as Hosur is going to get airport on its own.

When two line project is implemented, then areas like Annai Nagar, Sivakumar Nagar and nearby areas that survive on railway land for transport will suffer a lot without any proper road facility.

While two line is made, then it will become mandatory for a railway bridge across Thally road.